Relationship Counseling: Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

The most common presenting problem for couples is communication. Couples get trapped in defocusing. It is much easier to discuss what you think the other person is doing wrong in the relationship than it is to take responsibility for your own contributions to the problems in the relationship. It is easier to focus on what the other person should change instead of what you can change to improve the relationship.

Considering the multicultural society of today, many couples have a lack of understanding that native language, religion and value systems bring to a relationship to make it more challenging. In addition, all couples have to work out their own control issues and make the relationship more balanced.

Each couple has to discover what will make their relationship work and not base it on observations of other couples and how their relationship works. Each couple is unique and they know what will work for them; they just need help figuring that out. Each couple has to come to terms with the fact they are emotionally attached and dependent on their partner for nurturing, soothing and protection. Some individuals who are a couple are afraid of loosing their independence if they are emotionally available for the other.

Getting relationships back on track is to develop new ways to look at and respond to situations that arise. Janet NekooasL is a North Carolina counselor focused on couples therapy and marriage counseling. Her services are available to North Carolina and South Carolina areas. Her consulting office in located in Gastonia, NC.

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