Divorce Recovery

Janet NekooasL is a North Carolina Counselor specializing in helping with divorce recovery.

Recovering from divorce takes time. As a divorce recovery counselor, Janet understands that there are many aspects to the recovery process. The separation, the legal, the financial, grief, custody/child support, and property distribution are a few examples. Also, many couples in most states are required to participate in mediation for custody visitation and property distribution. Many people find it easier to cope with death than separation divorce. Most people find themselves experiencing anxiety, anger and depression through this painful time. They fear what the future may hold.

If the separation divorce is amicable, you may desire help with the depression and grief you may be experiencing. If the separation divorce is hostile, you may want more legal advice. If children are involved, ex-couples may need help with co-parenting. Separation divorce is a major life adjustment. Adjusting to all the upcoming changes is challenging and difficult. Some examples of adjusting are: not seeing your children as often, having your children the majority of the time, decreased financial stability, and adjusting to being alone. The list can be extensive.

Adjusting seems to be constant and people do not like change. But there are life lessons that can be learned as you go through this painful time in your life. One advantage is that you can become a stronger, happier person. If you would like help to become that emotionally healthier, wiser person, contact Janet NekooasL to assist with your divorce recovery.

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