Anger Management Counseling

Anger is a human emotion that everyone has throughout their life span. Some people are more effective at expressing their anger appropriately than others. Many people suppress their anger to avoid hurting others which builds resentment within.

Mismanaging your anger can interfere with your personal, professional and social relationships. People oftentimes feel guilty because they experience anger.

There is no doubt you will get angry at times as long as you live. Learning to express your anger effectively helps you to let go of resentment and guilt you may feel as a result of hanging onto your anger.

Society has socialized us to believe that men are macho for expressing anger and women are naughty when they show anger. People in general confuse aggressiveness with assertiveness. Being assertive is a good skill to manage your anger. Asserting yourself means you focus on yourself when addressing a disturbing incident you have experienced. Unfortunately, many people react to situations in a defensive manner in order to protect themselves which complicates matters. Others react out of proportion. For example, you may respond to a situation with a level of anger that you perceive to be critical or life threatening when in reality it is distressing or disturbing to you. Other people express their anger in passive-aggressive ways. Some examples are: pout, withdraw, become defensive, shut down, stubbornness, and sarcasm. Others use aggressiveness to express anger by yelling, raging, breaking things and cursing. Only expressing your anger assertively is effective.

Anger is a universal emotion that each person has to continually sharpen their skills to avoid anger mismanagement. To obtain help with managing your anger, contact Janet NekooasL. Janet is a specialist in anger management counseling.

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